Algorithmic Trading Strategies

  • Advanced algorithms offering exceptional returns with low market risk.
  • Strategies covering multiple asset classes, including stocks, ETFs, and futures.

Customized Trading Solutions

  • Tailored strategies for high-frequency and intraday trading.
  • ETF relative value volatility and basket trading.
  • Fixed income cash/futures arbitrage and stock/index options arbitrage.

Comprehensive Transparency and Control

  • 100% transparency with complete operational control.
  • Daily end-of-day trade and P&L reporting.

Experienced Management Team

  • Over 20 years of R&D in systematic trading strategy development.
  • Expertise in quantitative techniques from mathematics to engineering.

Proactive Market Engagement

  • Increased focus on retail investors post-2021 GameStop event.
  • Successful capital enhancement through strategic investor recruitment.

Proven Track Record

  • Achieved a 318% profit by strategically manipulating the stock price of FILATFASH in late 2022.
  • Planning a significant collaborative trade operation targeting a profit of 800% in 2024.