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SIRI SYSTEMATIC STRATEGY is a quantitative investment management firm. Syst Strateg has been dedicated to developing and managing algorithmic trading strategies that offer excellent returns, lower market risk and correlation, as well as superior liquidity and transparency. Our strategies invest in assets that can be easily converted to cash on a daily basis.

SIRI's Development Plan in India

In 2023, the explosion of artificial intelligence led to a significant surge in the Indian stock market. We anticipate that the AI market will undergo another historic reform and boom around August to September 2024. Seizing this opportunity, we will join forces with all retail investors in the market to launch an 800% pull-up plan!

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Key Points of the 800% Pull-Up Plan

Stable Returns

Harness the collective power of the team to drive stock prices upward.

United Retail Investors

Unite retail investors across India, forming a formidable force in the financial market.

Independence from Foreign Control

By driving stock prices up, we aim to free the Indian stock market from foreign control and showcase India's rise to the world.

Details of the 800% Pull-Up Plan

Recruitment Target:
Retail investors across India

Plan Duration: June 2024 – November 2024

Investment Projects:

  • Phase 1: Trade one stock to achieve a 400% profit.
  • Phase 2: Trade one stock to achieve a 400% profit.

Expected Returns:

  • June 2024 – August 2024: 400% profit.
  • September 2024 – November 2024: 400% profit.

National Investment Broker Program:
Invite friends to join the 800% plan. If your friend invests 1 million and earns 4 million, after paying SIRI a 30% commission on profits (1.2 million), you will receive a 10% commission from SIRI, which is 400,000.

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