To make big gains in the financial markets, the key is timely action. Keep abreast of global monetary policies, build a strong team spirit, manage funds flexibly, and control risks strictly to advance steadily in the market. No matter how skilled, without disciplined execution, success is still out of reach.



Vineet Gupta, aged 52, holds a Master’s in Finance and Investment Management from the University of Manchester, UK. He currently serves as the Chief Trading Officer at SIRI Systematic Strategy. He boasts extensive experience from previous roles, including as a researcher at Barclays Bank in the UK and as Head of Research for Goldman Sachs in Asia.

Career Highlights

Vineet Gupta’s financial career started at Barclays Bank in the UK, progressing to a pivotal role as Head of Research in Asia for Goldman Sachs. In 2020, he joined SIRI, and was promoted to Chief Trading Officer in 2021. In 2022, he successfully led the company’s major investment venture into the Indian stock market, achieving a remarkable 318% return. In 2023, he became a Senior Partner and Independent Director at SIRI, and in 2024, he spearheaded a joint private equity investment initiative.

Investment Philosophy

Vineet believes that success in the financial markets relies not just on capital size but on seizing the right opportunities. His trading style is calm and decisive, adept at capturing profitable opportunities amid market fluctuations. He advocates the “Eat the Fish” investment method, focusing on investing during the prime upward phases of the stock market to maximize returns while minimizing risks.